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Clarify. Inspire. Embarrass.


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“An extended diatribe against organized religions as well as atheism.”    Kirkus review


“An often cutting work that calls a plague on the houses of all domineering belief systems.”  Kirkus reviews.


“Intelligently challenges theological beliefs.”  Anonymous user, Amazon.


Clarification, Inspiration, and Embarrassment.

After humans scientifically advanced and found out that apes are their biological cousins, a new category of mind-controlling ignoramus used this scientific discovery to inject a poison in the brains of critical thinkers, especially the kind and cute critical thinkers of the Western world. The poison the ignoramus injects negatively affects the reasoning skills of thinkers and turns them into what could be likened to the zombies we see in Hollywood movies, "There is no God. There is no need for God. Jesus is a myth. Adam’s story is a fairy tale. Christopher Hitchens is a genius; he got it right. I am hungry, and I am going to eat a Christian, Muslim or Jew for lunch today," say the "zombies" before they sign into Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.

An atheist debating a believer on Facebook.

An atheist debating a believer on Facebook.

The question to be answered is not "What should be done to help atheists get rid of the poison?” It is rather “What should be done to prevent their foolishness from influencing future generations?” Building a huge detention camp to contain all atheists for the rest of their lives and having the Mexicans pay for it seems the best solution. But before I sent a message to Mr. Trump advising him that Mexicans may not be able to pay for the wall because of their new financial commitment, I thought it is a good idea to contact the Creator and ask his opinion. I signed into my Facebook account and had a chat with the Creator of the despicable species – the human species (I have recently discovered that the Creator has an account on In this media driven generation even the Creator has a Facebook account). The conversation went like this:

“Was it necessary for you to put humans on Earth? Why did you not listen to the angels when they advised you not to do this?” Me

“This is not your business Musa. Are you contacting me just to ask me that question?” Creator

“No. I contacted you to get your approval.” Me

“To put all atheists in a detention camp?” Creator

“Yes.” Me

“If the sanity of future generation is the goal, then not only atheists should be detained, but also 99.99% of Christians, Muslims and Jews should be detained as well. In fact, 97% of Hindus and all Buddhists should be added to the list. I appreciate your interest in future generations, but a detention camp is not a fair or practical solution. Furthermore, atheists are not the disease; they are one of the symptoms of the disease.” Creator

“So, what do you suggest?” Me

“I think the problem is easy to solve.” Creator

“How?” Me

“Human ignorance and arrogance never knew a solution better than C.I.E, which stands for "Clarify. Inspire. Embarrass". Clarify to and inspire those who are ignorant so that they can get up. At the same time, embarrass those who are arrogant so that their pride is wounded.” Creator

“I have written a book titled Abraham: Father of Atheism, which can do that. I mean, the book would clarify to lay atheists and inspire them to get up. At the same time, it would wound the pride of those arrogant atheists who think they are the smartest in the room and negatively affect non-believers’ trust in them. Furthermore, the book would clarify to lay believers and inspire them to get up. On the other hand, it would wound the pride of all arrogant priests, imams and rabbis and negatively affects believers’ trust in them. The book would provide Hindus and Buddhists with material to review slowly. Moreover, the book is an indirect invitation to join a new social movement inspired by Abraham and called Abrahamism.”  Me

“Good job. Why have you not published it?” Creator

“Atheism is defined as the denial of the existence of an almighty supernatural being, and I am not sure if Abraham denied the existence of the Creator.” Me

“Maybe he did. However, what you need to know is that besides being a social critic, Abraham was a skeptic to the bone. I found myself forced to bring a bird, cut into four parts, back from the dead, to convince him to continue a conversation with me. I think that I have mentioned this in the scriptures, have not I?” Creator

“You do not forget anything.” Me

“Abraham was known to all demented believers in his village as 'the atheist of the village' and 'the skeptic of the village.'” Creator

“Another thing that made me hesitate to publish the book is your criminal record. Sorry, but they will say, ’We will never subscribe to Abrahamism because the Creator will ask us to sacrifice our kids - like he did to Abraham - to test our faith.'” Me

“I promise that I will not ask anyone to sacrifice their children if they joined Abrahamism. And by the way, I did not ask Abraham to kill his son as a test. All of that misunderstanding was because of the religious spiders, damn them. Their meanness increases the numbers of atheists. Anyhow, no one can blame me for that. Abraham was a former atheist and, as any atheist, he had difficulty in understanding the point. Abraham was so mad at me after I destroyed the evil city that he accused me of being a psychopath. He said, ‘Why on the earth are you creating humans if you want to destroy their cities? What kind of maniac are you? Sorry, it is true you are the Creator, but I do not think you could be a higher being that I feel proud in inviting people to worship and respect - I, myself, do not respect you. Change yourself and then come to me. Please, go away. Leave me alone’.” Creator

“Oh, really? To this point, Abraham was a brave man who did not hide his feelings?” Me

“Why do you think I made him a role model? Abraham was a militant humanist. Anyhow, I told Abraham that from now on, I will visit him in dreams, and I will think about changing myself. After a couple of weeks, Abraham saw me in a dream asking him to sacrifice his son. Abraham ignored the first dream and the second. After ignoring many dreams, he said to himself, ‘I am worried if I kept ignoring the order, this celestial psychopath will do bad things to me. How unlucky we are with this Creator. I will tell my son what happened, and I am sure he will refuse. Then, the celestial bully will have to do what he wants himself. I am a father; this is not fair’.” Creator

“What happened after that?” Me

“This is the unusual part: Abraham’s son did not refuse because he was worried I would do something worse to his father and him. However, when Abraham was about to kill his son, I intervened.” Creator

“What did you say?” Me

“I told him, ‘Sorry, Abraham. I cannot let you kill your son. I forgot, for a moment, that I have to be a celestial psychopath for the advantage of humans, and not myself. But you know, Abraham, there is a question I have had difficulty answering; therefore I prefer to leave the opportunity for humans to answer it. Who should change, humans or their Creator? Why are you manipulating me, humans?’” Creator

“Another point that made me hesitate to publish the book, which is how in the hell am I going to market it? How to convince a moron who does not believe the Creator exists read a book about Abraham. As you know, unless the book title was God is a Motherfucker or God is So Bad, atheists would not consider it worth reading. I thought of using phrases such as "This book provides a backup plan for atheists in case the Creator does exist," and "Tickets to heaven for atheists!" but I am not sure this technique is going to work. I also thought of being direct and using phrases such as “Hey atheists, read Abraham: Father of Atheism to know how idiotic you are,” and "Be a smart atheist, not unhinged," but the problem is that such phrases are insulting. I do not like to insult people.” Me

“You decide the best marketing tone, but keep in mind that not all atheists are arrogant and close-minded. What I know is that atheists need to change and grow up. Announce that Atheism, from now on, is either Abrahamic Atheism (Social Atheism) or Darwinian Atheism (Scientific Atheism). After that, let them choose. It is a good thing for atheists to realize that they are no different from Christians, Muslims, and Jews. They are all ignorant. Both the arrogant atheists and the religious broods of vipers are manipulating Abraham to support their nonsense. They are hurting themselves badly.” Creator

“I do not think Abraham: Father of Atheism will make any difference. I still believe a detention camp is better than publishing a book for morons who do not understand anything. All humans who live on Earth at the moment must be replaced.” Me

“Publish the book and let us see the feedback.” Creator

“I will, but I do not think it will make a difference. I wish to you all the best, God. Truthfully, you are pathetic.” Me

“To me, all the best... That is funny. Wish to them all the best, not to me. By the way, Mr. Musa. Don’t forget that your seat in hell is reserved.” Creator

“Why?” Me

“You consider putting humans on Earth a wrong decision. I do not like that. By the way, that was the angel’s opinion.” Creator

“Publishing the book will be an excellent opportunity for you to see that the angels and I are right. Humans are mostly rubbish, and nothing works with them. There are very few exceptions.” Me

“No comments.” Creator

“Pff! Well, scroll down to read their comments then. Sorry, God, but do you mind if I attach a photo of our biological cousin, a chimpanzee, to each comment? I love my biological cousin and science.” Me

“Why should I mind? There is no problem with loving your biological cousin, chimpanzee, and science, as long as you also love your same-species cousin, Abraham.” Creator

And here are the comments !

Finally, atheists have something in common with the demented believers. All of them agree that the story of Abraham is not about an atheist in whose life a higher being intervened.

Unmatched atheist from Australia

I do not know whether I should say "how dare" or "how stupid" this title is. Abraham was a psychopath Is not Abraham that moron who was about to kill his son to prove his devotion to the so-called 'god'? Faith is a mental disorder. How many times do we need to say "there is no God" and "there is no need to believe in God?”

Very smart atheist from UK.

Very stupid title. And beliefs in god(s) will die off like all other beliefs in god(s) throughout the ages.

Cute believer from Asia.

Abraham is the father of the Jews. Has this book written in order to convince people that Abraham was the Richard Dawkins of his time. This book is against God.Abraham was not an atheist. He was the only who was able to hear the voice of God.

Awesome atheist from the USA.

Abraham never existed. A creator does not exist, no need for him, and no one is smarter than me.

Intelligent believer from Africa.

Yeah, Abraham did not believe in god, those were the stone idols. But then, God sent him revelations and made him a prophet. So yeah, the title of the book does not any make sense. The story of Abraham and his son tells how obedient to God Abraham was, not that God was trying to teach Abraham or us a moral lesson.

Genius believer from North America

Abraham never challenged God. And the story of Abraham and his son is all about Jesus: When Abraham was about to kill his son, God intervened, "Wait, Abraham I changed my mind. A day will come a father greater than you, sacrifice a son greater than Isaac." This book is against God.


Glimpses into parts of the Book.

Part One

Surely I can defend the title of the book.

Humans' journeys are the same.

Part Two

Exciting those who should be excited is better than listening to meaningless debates.

Since all in-use deities can be socially dismissed, why care about biology?

Part Three

Carl Sagan should have been smarter than that.

None one of us had breakfast with our ancestors.

Part Four

Adam was naive. Abraham would have cut the silly tree down.

"You have not defended yourself, neither you have defended me." the Creator said to Adam.

Part Five

Jesus . . . What was going on with you, buddy?

Nobody knew why Jesus had to be fatherless - not even Christians!

Part Six

Muslims have not decided which "fax machine" is the best yet.

He was a lovely teacher, and he is now a guest in Guantanamo. How and why did that happen?

About The Author

A social activist.  


Mohammed Musa image

Dear non-believer,

                               I like the fact that when the infuriating alarm clock yells “Wake up, there’s a challenge waiting for you today”, rousing you from a pleasant dream, you do not smash it. You simply slap the button to shut it up and then head to work. Let’s establish this: Your boss doesn’t care how you view your alarm clock. He or she only cares that you show up at work on time with a wide smile on your face.

Saying, “Scientists have figured it out ... There is no god; and there is no need for one,” is common nowadays to counter Christians, Muslims and Jews, who turn up saying, “Wake up, atheist. There’s a challenge waiting for you in the afterlife.” Unfortunately, that common response could be illogical: Ask any scientist, “Is the scientific community sure there is no creator?” and the likely answer will be, “No, we are only about 99 percent positive. Anyone could be wrong, as Richard Dawkins said.”

The previous response makes you a one percent gambler and frames you as defending personal conclusions instead of facts. It makes sense to defend statements such as that DNA decides biological characteristics such as eye and skin color and that chimpanzees are our biological cousins, because these are facts. However, defending the statement “There is no creator” after reading Adam’s story has nothing to do with defending facts. The only fact in the Adam story is that if we have a creator, he paid no attention to science while introducing himself to our ancestors. Instead, he preferred to focus on teaching them how to overcome the challenges of life.

There are atheists who believe in science, but do not use science as the base for their arguments, they say “We do not give a damn when there is no evidence.” Be careful using this kind of reasoning for your argument. It is true that sometimes the problem is that there is no evidence. But sometimes, the problem is that there is no desire to recognize evidence. There is a story about a police officer who released a murderer despite having video of him committing the crime. What was the officer’s rationale for dismissing the evidence you might ask. “It was made by the victim”. Maybe the difference is little between the police officer and those atheists who label the books, in which stories such as the Abraham story and the Mary story were written, as man-made rather than possible evidence, of divine intervention.

The troubling situation, if you allow me to call it so, is easy to solve. Do you remember what we established about your smart boss? Think about it ... The creator, if he does exist, should not be less understanding or less open-minded than your boss. So what if you view todays Christians, Muslims and Jews as infuriating alarm clocks? What you should care about is leaving this world with a wide, full-of-confidence smile on your face similar to the smile on the face of a confident employee when he or she says, “Good morning” to their colleagues and boss.

I am aware that you don’t deem books worth reading, unless their titles are such as ‘God Is Not Great’ or ‘God Is So Bad’, but this time I kindly ask you to make an exception. I want to draw that confident smile on your face. Considering the ignorance of contemporary Christians, Muslims and Jews, nothing should be easier than drawing that smile. It is easier than drinking a glass of water.

Always remember that there is one percent probability that a creator does exist. It is not good form for you to look disoriented if the Creator says to you, “Okay, numb-skull, I truly appreciate your refusal to be a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew, but tell me: Why did you think I was less understanding and open-minded than your boss? Have I not made from an atheist a role model for you? What more did you want from me? Also, tell me why you have released me although I left in your hands books in which I admitted committing “crimes” against your kind?”

Your life is a short journey on which you have to defend yourself and your Creator. Do not fail.

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