I still remember the look on the face of Mr. Omar, the language teacher, directed at my classmate, Seleem, and me as he was reading the speech written by Seleem and reviewed by me. Seleem was supposed to deliver the speech to students through the morning school broadcasting. The speech was concerning a massacre that occurred two days earlier in the occupied Palestinian territories where an Israeli citizen shot a number of Muslims as they were praying.

“What is this, Seleem? Why did you use the phrase “villainous Jew” to refer to the person who committed this massacre?” asked Mr. Omar. Then, he looked at me and asked, “Have you reviewed the speech, Mohammed?”

I told my teacher that I had reviewed it. Seleem asked, “And why not, sir? Was it not a Jew who committed the massacre?”

Mr. Omar replied, “Yes.”

Seleem was supposed to deliver the speech half an hour later. Mr. Omar asked him to replace the phrase “villainous Jew” with “villainous settler”; otherwise Seleem would not be allowed to deliver the speech. Seleem complied with the teacher’s request, but he said to Mr. Omar jokingly, “I feel that what you’ve done is the definition of dictatorship. As long as the perpetrator of the massacre is a Jew, you do not have the right to impose changing the phrase. If I were you, I would be ashamed of myself.”

Mr. Omar smiled, before looking at us with a sharp look and saying, “Really? We will see who is supposed to feel ashamed of oneself at today’s session.”

The fourth session of that day was the language class. The first thing Mr. Omar did after entering the classroom was greeting us and informing the rest of the students about what happened between him, me and Seleem in the morning. Mr. Omar said to all students that he would apologize to Seleem and me if the result of a secret vote, which will be done at the end of the period, was to our benefit. Then, Mr. Omar said to Seleem and me, “Are you ready for the challenge, naïve ones.”

I said to my teacher, “I’m ready. I can win the vote easily.”

Mr. Omar looked at Seleem and asked him, “Are you ready?”

Seleem replied, “Give me a moment, sir. I will ask Mohammed about something.”

Seleem whispered in my ear, “Have you lost your mind, Mohammed? You know that typing the phrase “villainous Jew” was an accidental mistake. It is better to apologize to our teacher for describing him as a dictator.”

I responded, “Seleem, there is great hope to win the vote.”

“On what do you rely?” Seleem asked me.

I answered, “On the stupidity of our classmates. Do not worry; I know how to handle this debate. Do not think Mr. Omar takes it so personally. He wants to ignite the matters and create an atmosphere of challenge in the classroom making the students attracted to the lesson. In other words, we do him a favor if we accept the challenge.”

“The challenge is accepted, Mr. Omar. Bring it on,” Seleem said.

“And prepare yourself for an apology, Mr. Omar. You are a dictator and a delusional who distorts facts. You will not escape what you did this morning,” I said to my teacher.

The debate was hot; it could be likened to the present debate between the Democrats and the Republicans in America. Mr. Omar said that we should align ourselves with the vast majority of Jews who denounce violence. Mr. Omar used other arguments in order to back his position. For instance, he stated that as long as the person who committed this heinous deed wasn’t the official spokesman of Judaism, it is not right for us to use the phrase “villainous Jew”. Also, Mr. Omar stated that it is not permissible at all, from a moral point of view, to relate a religion, any religion, with someone who committed a bad deed. My teacher stated that such association makes the religion look like it was the problem and hardens the hearts of believers from different religions against each other.

I began my talk by stating that I have many Jewish and Americans friends and they are good people. I asked my classmates not to misunderstand me. Then, I stated the following:

  1. It is a joke to state that most Jews denounce violence.
  2. There is a problem in Judaism and the world would definitely be better without this inferior religion.
  3. We should admit that there is a problem in Judaism rather than cloak it.
  4. Judaism is the religion where the Creator is nothing more than a real estate buff and celestial whore rather than a respect-worthy super being.
  5. Because Goldstien is a U.S citizen, we must ban all Jewish Americans from entering the country until we figure out what the hell is going on .

In order to weaken my classmate’s confidence in our teacher, I indirectly accused him of being a person who expresses the pulse of the official power, rather than the pulse of the people; and it was likely that Mr. Omar is a Satanist.

However, in spite of all my attempts to influence the students, the teacher managed to win the vote and emerge victorious. That was, according to my assessment, for the sole reason that the teacher had an alternative name in his quiver. If the debate between me and the teacher was about whether to use the adjective “villainous” only, or whether it should be associated with the name “Jew” so that the phrase became “villainous Jew”, there was no doubt that I would win the vote. But, as the teacher had a name other than “Jew” in his quiver to associate with the adjective “villainous”, he managed to win the vote.

All students voted in favor of the use of the phrase “villainous settler”. The funny thing was that even Seleem did not vote for me. When I told him off, Seleem said to me, “Oh man … you’re an extremely dirty person. I hated you as you were trying to affect the rest of the students; and you made me sympathetic to the Jews.”

The concern:

Republicans, and those who support the global movement of demonizing Islam and Muslims from all around the world, have begun targeting groups that always have been known loyal to the Democrats. They are using emotional tricks similar to the tricks I used hoping to win the vote against my so human and moral teacher.

The situation before the Orlando attacks is different from the situation after the Orlando attacks, and we, peace loving and moral people in the world, should be vigilant. There is a possibility that the Democrat, who will run for president, could lose this election to Donald Trump if the Democrat Party continues to refrain from pairing the adjective “extremist” or “villainous” with a name when pointing at the executors of the terrorist attacks in America.

U.S. citizens are some of the most naive people on earth, and it is very easy to deceive them. Sorry for being direct, but that is the truth. Four years ago, I was sitting at a table next to two ladies in a restaurant in Toronto. One of the ladies was audibly telling the other with amazement about an 18-year-old U.S. citizen who asked her where Canada was. The distance between the place where this 18-year-old grew up and the southern border of Canada is only 150-km. Imagine now if that incurious 18-year-old citizen, who is now 22 years old, is a homosexual, or sympathetic to homosexuals, and he normally gives his vote to the Democrats in each election. Then, imagine how easy it is for the Republicans to convince him to change his mind after the Orlando attacks through their media. I left below four videos that will help you understand the situation after the Orlando attacks.

This is a video of a reporter who seems to support demonizing Islam and Muslims.

This is a video of a faithful Republican. Some people say that faithful Republicans, such as Pat Robertson, are one of the reasons why people stop believing in God in America.

This is a video of a gentleman whom some people claim supports the villainous settlers in Israel.

This is a video of Mr. Know It All who believes a Christian hugging a Muslim is not good idea. ( Watch the video at 1:29)


How can the Democrats prevent the Republicans and their supporters from influencing naive voters?

Democratic politicians must find one label under which all of the executors of terrorist operations will be listed. That label will be the title of the immorality of terrorists.

If the Democrats find that label, they will slap the faces of the Republicans and their supporters the same way my teacher, who listed all immoral Jews under one label, “settlers”, slapped my face. The question now is, is there a common thing between all of the immoral terrorists?

The answer, “Yes” All those terrorists are “projectionists.”


Who are the Projectionists?

Projectionists are those who read the book they consider sacred in the present tense form. Reading any sacred book in the present tense leads to projection of that sacred book onto a reality to which it doesn’t belong.

I advise readers to read Abraham: Father of Atheism if they want to expand on this topic. But what you need to know, dear reader, is this:

  1. The immoral act of “projecting” is a crime not only against humans, but also against the God of the sacred book himself as it turns that God to a god with worldly interests or worldly ambitions.
  2. Not only Islam is suffering from the lesion of projection, but also Christianity and Judaism are suffering from this disease. Have you not ever noticed that the God “villainous settlers” in Israel worship is nothing more than a celestial real estate whore? Have you not noticed that the God Republicans worship is nothing more than a celestial gun store owner? All of these are Gods of interests that have nothing to do with the God of Abraham who was a moral God of motivation. Occasionally, the God Republicans worship turns into a celestial assistant to a celestial real estate whore. (Republicans consider it a question of faith supporting “villainous settlers”. From the perspective of Republicans, stopping “villainous settlers” makes their God quite irate: “God has a plan, and stopping settlers will negatively affect his plan,” those who call themselves Zionist Christians say.)

There is a possibility that Donald Trump and the Republican Party will call for the addition of the word “Muslim” to the phrase “villainous projectionist.” If that happens, then there would be no problem as projection is not exclusive to Islam. As I stated earlier, projection is a lesion Christianity and Judaism suffer from. There is nothing wrong with calling the immoral person who perpetrated the Orlando attacks a “villainous Islamic projectionist” the same way it is not wrong calling the “villainous settlers”, “villainous Jewish projectionists”, and the same way it is not wrong calling Republicans, who call themselves Zionist Christians, “villainous Christian settlers supporters”.

I hope that you send this article to the leaders in the Democratic Party. Tell them that the solution of that problem is easier than they imagine. Tell them it’s time that “magic turn against the magician”.


Let’s give what Obama called “the sinful tendency” a name.

In a National Prayer Breakfast speech, the President Barack Obama explained his viewpoint by saying, “And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisitions people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ. So this is not unique to one group or to one religion. There is a tendency in us, a sinful tendency that can pervert and distort our faith.”

Watch this video and see the reaction of a Republican who supports demonizing Islam and Muslims.

I have one reservation on what Mr. Obama said: The tendency is not in us. It is not in all Christians, Muslims and Jews. There are many wonderful Christians out there who never accept turning their God into a celestial bitch. There are many wonderful Muslims who never accept turning their God into a celestial political whore. There are many wonderful Jews who never accept turning their God into a celestial real estate whore. The tendency is only in the villainous among Christians, Muslims and Jews. It is only in the projectionists.