No one understands the foreign policy of the moody Creator of humans, or when he will or will not intervene. Therefore, no one can say for sure, when He will send an enlightened one to put an end to the religious institutions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. And no one can say for sure when He – in order reduce the population of stupid people – will hit with a meteor election rallies where politicians, like Donald Trump, are speaking surrounded by fans. These are wishes many people want to become reality. But, what we can be sure of is that every time the Creator intervened in human society, there was something very repulsive going on inside society. I will quickly mention two occasions where the Creator did intervene in human society. The first was about three thousand years ago, in a community populated by both Egyptians and Israelites.

It’s hard to say how disgusting the lives led by the Israelites and the Egyptians had become or how corrupt their respective religious institutions were. But the fact that a man called Moses decided – after a long search for an answer as to whether he should stand with the Israelites or the Egyptians – that leaving his home country was the only honest answer he had, leads us to see it was a catastrophe.

Imagine that people who lived in other nations were aware how difficult the situation was in ancient Egypt. After Moses had left home, he told his story to a man in the city to which he had immigrated. Moses asked that man, “Do you think I made the correct decision, or I am nothing more than a reckless coward who ran away?” The man replied, “There is no doubt that you made the right choice. Egyptians and Israelites are disgusting, and disgusting people do not accept anything that does not please their egos. Moses, do not think that you can solve the problems at home. These are problems no one but the Creator of human beings can solve.”

One should ask these questions about Moses’s departure: Did Moses’s departure not harm the reputation of the ruling elite? Why did the elite not convince Moses to stay and help them rectify the community? The role of the ruling elite in such a community is to solve problematic situations, right? Well, unfortunately, the ruling elite was part of the problem. Although we cannot say how disgusting the ruling elite in ancient Egypt was, what we can be sure of is that it was not less despicable than the Republicans in the US. Rather than staying an equal distance from the Egyptians and Israelites as real leaders do, and rather than demanding a commitment to the golden rule of compassion from their religious institutions, the Pharaoh exploited the ignorance of both of the religious houses whose product was no different from the product of most churches and mosques in the US (ignorant and arrogant citizens.)

To summarize, what was wrong within ancient Egypt was not only that it consisted of two disgusting groups that had difficulty living together in harmony, the Egyptians and the Israelites, but also it was about how the ruling elite handled the situation. The way the ruling elite handled the situation made living in harmony an even bigger challenge.

The first thing the Creator asked Moses to do was to go back to his home, to remind the Pharaoh about the need to stop using the ignorance and arrogance of both religions. Otherwise, the Israelites would have to leave Egypt. The Pharaoh refused because he considered Moses’s request to be political suicide.

The second occasion that I will mention was about two thousand years ago when the Creator announced what could be regarded as a state of emergency, in which He forced a girl called Mary to bear a child without human intervention, and in which He informed Zechariah that he would be having a baby boy.

From my perspective, the Creator’s second intervention was entirely unjustified and out of touch. What in the world could have been His justification? The Jews, who are His people and the apple of His eye, were living a wonderful monotheistic life at this time? It is true that the Jewish Caliphate, or what was known as the “kingdom of David” or “kingdom of God” was no longer alive, but everything was under control. Meaning, the Jewish zealots were taking care of this problem the same way the Islamic zealots are taking care of the issue of returning the Islamic Caliphate to life. The Jewish zealots were fighting, slaughtering and terrifying evil gentiles and whoever was not to their liking. Just as Islamic zealots are fighting, murdering and terrorizing  civilian French, Spaniards, Japanese, Americans and whoever is not to their liking to return the Islamic Caliphate.

Something else that makes the Creator’s second intervention totally out of touch is that most of the rabbis back then were sure that Judaism and Moses’s laws would dominate the Roman Empire and the flag of Judaism will fly over the emperor’s palace, so why did the Creator not wait? It was a question of time from the rabbis’ perspective. You can say the rabbis were as optimistic as some of the Islamic imams who believe that Islam and sharia law will dominate the world and the flag of Islam will fly over the White House. (Watch the bellow video from 1:50.)

I will digress and say that in a recent opinion poll conducted in Germany, people were asked, “Would you vote for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (the head of ISIS) or Ali Khamenei (The supreme leader of Iran) if one of them ran for president against Angelina Merkel in the next election?” 90% of the answers were without hesitation “Definitely; we would vote for them.” In fact, all non-Muslims in the world realize, after they had seen heads without bodies and soldiers moving from Iran to protect a tyrant in Syria, what a rational religion Islam is, and how awesome sharia law is. Touch wood, dear reader – Please.

Anyhow, I do not need to tell you that the story of the opinion poll was a joke. It is true that Islam was an inspiring religion, but it is now, with great regret, just opium from which fools get joy. Having mentioned fools, I would like to confirm that I am not one of those who buys into what the pastors say about the justification of the intervention of the Creator two thousand years ago. I believe the Creator did not come down to earth on what can be considered a suicide mission just because someone had eaten fruit in a garden. He is wiser than that.

I think the number of atheists emerging from Christian families will continue to increase if clergymen do not come up with a logical explanation for the Creator’s intervention. The explanation of “He came down to die on a cross because He loves you,” is emotional rather than logical. I wonder how people find spiritual joy going to the churches and listening to the nonsense of the pastors.

Nevertheless, the question has not been answered yet. And, here I am repeating it, but in a different way. If the Jews were a monotheistic nation and were taking care of the issue of returning the kingdom of God, why did the Creator intervene? What made Him so disgusted? What made Him announce the state of emergency and recruit two not one – John and Jesus?

In my opinion, the only answer is that two things made the Creator disgusted in the period Zachariah lived. Firstly, due to long years of arrogance practiced by the elite and long years of blind obedience practiced by the public, the Jewish had ended up worshipping a ’Politically Provoked God.’ You can say the case with the Jews back then was similar to the case with Muslims at present.

For simplicity’s sake, I would say that ending up worshipping a ‘Politically Provoked God’ inevitably results from the miserable marriage of arrogant clerics and unprincipled politicians. On the wedding day, the house of the scholars is asked, “Do you accept the house of politicians as your husband forever?” and the home of the politicians, headed by the King, is asked, “Do you take the house of the clerics as your wife forever?” After both houses answer “yes,” a celestial dictatorship supported by God comes to exist.

As a result of that marriage, from the perspective of the public, the King becomes the shadow of the Creator on Earth. I do not know when the story of the celestial dictatorship started with the Jews, but I know when it started with Muslims. It is no secret that 150 years from the death of Muhammad, the Kings of Islam began to take titles such as ’The ruler in the name of God,’ ’The obedient to God,’ and ‘The guided by God.’

No matter how long a dictatorship lasts, in the end, it falls – this is the law of nature and life. I do not know when exactly it fell in regards to the Jews, but I know when it fell in regards to the Muslims. In 1922, the last Islamic ’obedient of God‘ was expelled from Turkey like a dog.

One may think that the collapse of any dictatorship is an end of a sad story and the beginning of a happy one. Well, that is not the case when ’God‘ is the one who had forced it. Unfortunately, the collapse of such a dictatorship is the beginning of another sad story. After the falling, the religious texts the public had viewed as political orders demanding obedience to the King, spontaneously became religious texts that required bringing back the throne of the King.

The worshipping of a ‘Politically Provoked God’ was the first thing that aroused the disgust of the Creator. The second thing that provoked the Creator was worshipping another socially and morally harmful ‘God.’  The Roman Emperor, Augustus, took the minds of the people to the point of issuing a coin showing his face and beside it the phrase “Son of God.” What were the mood and the ethics of the Emperor’s Godfather? Unfortunately, the Godfather of the Emperor was no different to the Godfather whose eye, as the US dollar bill tells us, is watching America from the top of a pyramid. The Godfather of the Emperor was immoral; he did not care about anything except money, power, and how wide the territory his son (Augustus) was controlling.

Although I think there is no need for it, I will remind readers of what life looks like when some fool people – like today’s Muslims – worship a ‘Politically Provoked God’, and another insane people – like the Republicans in the US – worship a land, money, and power hungry God. You see the consequences with your own eyes. Bloodshed and chaos that will not stop unless the Creator intervenes. I wish that, as the Creator used a trick called Jesus to spit on the faces of the religious institutions 2000 years ago, He would use another method to spit on the faces of present day religious organizations. In three years, Jesus was able to turn the tables upside down. It is true it took his followers more than three hundred years, but in the end, a face of a descent peasant, instead of a face of a mean emperor, was on the coins.

Unfortunately, many people do not know why Jesus had to be a fatherless preacher. Also, many of the Republicans in America and all of their priests do not know how to explain a human bombing himself except by saying, “Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, is an evil man and he was Lucifer’s best friend.” Trust me; there were many Gentiles 2000 years ago who believed Moses, the prophet of Judaism, was a bastard. It is hard to explain the stupidity of the Republicans in America except by saying their hearts are sick. They are as disgusting as the Egyptians in ancient Egypt.

I hope this article helps remove any confusion especially as France, and other countries are living sensitive moments right now. Do not misunderstand me, dear reader. I am not fighting Christianity. Was Jesus the Creator incarnate or was Jesus a separate icon? My opinion is that this does not matter, and not one of us can be sure. Moreover, I frankly do not think that the Creator Himself cares very much about that. When one asks me, “do you believe that Jesus was the Creator made human or was he a separate icon?” I reply, “the Creator is welcome whether He is Jesus or Jesus’s emotional father.”

Think of Jesus the way that comforts you. But, it is important not to forget that Jesus, or the purpose of Jesus, was to kill two corrupt birds with one stone, not to handle Adam’s error. We must stop linking Jesus to Adam because it is indeed an insult. Remember not to offend Jesus as the Republicans in America do.

Regards to those churches that teach its visitors to be open-minded. Regards to those Churches that teach it visitors that Jesus was a necessity imposed by circumstances of a period. Whether Adam sinned or not, it was necessary for the Creator to make the Jesus trick to put an end to the absurdity of that era. At the same time, we wish from the Creator, another Jesus to bring a stop to the nonsense in which we live.

Also, do not think that I am fighting Islam. Regards to those mosques that teach its visitors that the God of Muhammad cannot be a Politically Provoked one. The Creator is, as Jesus indirectly told us, wiser and smarter than that. He is more thoughtful than what the ignorant and arrogant think.

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