Some observers who believe that the vision of the conservative right wing will decide the future of US politics in case Donald Trump wins the 2016 Presidential race, considered Donald Trump’s proposal of banning Muslims from entering the country a new chapter in the encyclopedia of American foolishness. Other observers, on the other hand, supported the proposal as they believed that the ban, which will be temporary until the House of Representatives of the US figure out “what the hell is going on”, will definitely protect the US from terrorist attacks. This is the beauty of democracy; it allows all people to express their opinions. However, the question of the nature of the ban – temporary or permanent – rests on the shoulders of the US House of Representatives: Will they be able to figure out what the hell is going on in the Islamic world, or they will fail? That is a question waiting to be answered in case Donald Trump becomes the next president of the US.

It is unlikely those who do not know the cause of a problem will be able to solve it. That is the reason I believe the US House of Representatives will not be able to figure out “what the hell is going on?”  I stated it in the book, and here I am restating it, hopefully people will understand: Terrorist attacks in America – or elsewhere in the world – will not come to an end until all Muslims admit that the Mutawakkil-supported doctrine concerning the Quran was a violation of the basic tenets of wisdom and logic. Unfortunately, the human race continues to pay the price for this distortion of the Creator’s second glory (after Jesus): the Quran.

Just as early Christians were confused by the fact that Jesus was fatherless, therefore they had to decide whether Jesus was a divinely created son or he was the Creator’s ‘always-existed’ son; early Muslims also faced similar confusion regarding the Quran. They had to decide whether the Quran was a divinely created book, or it was the Creator’s ‘always-existed’ book.

To further simplify; imagine the Quran as if it were a Twitter account. Opening it and reading its 6,236 verses is like logging into that Twitter account to read 6,236 tweets. Early Muslims had to decide whether they should handle this ’Twitter account’ as an active one, or should they handle it as inactive one?

Out of respect to the Creator and to themselves, scholars of reason insisted that the Quran be defined as inactive. Scholars of reason knew that considering the Quran as the Creator’s ‘always-existed’ book means Muslims will end up as naive believers the way Christians ended up. In other words, scholars of reason knew that people will end up as worshipers of a text instead of being inventive freethinkers who worship the god of the text. However, the caliph al-Mutawakkil was as smart and thoughtful as the emperor Constantine; the scholars who objected to his doctrine were persecuted just as Constantine’s detractors had been.

The catastrophe was in considering the Quran a collection of the Creator’s active tweets. In addition to that, al-Mutawakkil and his scholars were able to cleverly force on people another Twitter account under the title of al-Hadith (‘Muhammad’s tweets’) which, by the way, was nothing but putting in the mouth of Muhammad the words that served the agenda, the mood, and the ambition of the caliph and his narrow-minded scholars.

The members of the spiritual service crews (today’s imams and priests), insist on covering up the mistakes their predecessors made, although the consequences of these mistakes are clearly visible.

No one knows when the members of the Islamic spiritual services crew (the imams) will feel little shame. And no one knows when lay Muslims will wake up to rebel against those imams who introduce al-Mutawakkil and his gang as holy men. But it is not fair that people from other countries pay the cost of lay Muslims’ carelessness. That being said, here is what should be done until lay Muslims wake up. I advise not only the embassies of America, but also the embassies of all countries, to include the following question in their visa application form for when a Muslim asks for an entry visa: “Do you, dear Muslim, consider the Quran your ‘God always-existed’ book? Do you, dear Muslim, consider al-Hadith your prophet’s sayings (tweets)?” If they answer “Yes” then that Muslim should not be given a visa – not because they are a terrorist, but rather because they are vulnerable to becoming radicalized (if they are not already). Lay Muslims are not bad people by definition. They, just as lay Christians, need someone to help them, not demonize them.

Even if the solution I suggest could help put an end to the terrorist attacks, American politicians will not consider it and here is why.  The reason is because the capitalists of America will not allow any party to action this plan. Ironically, the al-Mutawakkil-supported doctrine concerning the Quran serves the capitalists in their efforts to control American citizens, serves the capitalists in the pursuit of their interests overseas, just as it serves tyrannical rulers in the Islamic countries!

Remember, dear reader, that no one helped the West force the Soviet Union to leave Afghanistan but al-Mutawakkil’s notion concerning the Quran. I witnessed that period and watched members of the Islamic spiritual service crew while they were spreading their poison: “Hey, people. God is tweeting. Go to Afghanistan and fight in His name.” I know one of the lay Muslims who had been emotionally touched by that deceiving propaganda; he is now a guest in Guantanamo because he violated the set agenda and went one step further in understanding God’s tweets!

The tyrants know very well that although al-Mutawakkil’s notion is a wild beast, it is useful for them when it is tamed according to their interests. Unfortunately, the Quran becomes secretive, sometimes difficult to control, a weapon by which the tyrants, all tyrants, pursue their interests.

George Carlin once said in an interview, “When you are born in this world, you are given a ticket to the freak show. And when you are born in America, you are given a front-row seat.” (Watch the video from minute 2:58) The mission of changing lay believers is extremely tiresome but not impossible. I will try my best while I am holding my notebook as George Carlin did. Whenever I hear about a terrorist attack, I will write in the notebook, “This is the same shame that al-Mutawakkil’s followers had to carry”. I will feel sorry for those whom al-Mutawakkil persecuted, but I will not blame Muhammad!

And whenever I watch the video of Christopher Hitchens while he mocks the morality of Christianity, the Garden of Eden and its famous silly forbidden apple, I will write in my notebook, “This is the same shame that Constantine’s followers had to carry”. I will feel sorry for those whom the emperor Constantine persecuted, but I will not blame the Creator or his son Jesus.